Commercial & Residential Mowing

In Lawrence, Beaver, Mercer and Butler Counties

Incorrectly mowing your grass can result in a patchy, thin and unhealthy lawn. It all starts with a sharp blade to ensure the grass fibers are cleanly cut, and not chopped or ripped. Wounded leaves will leave your lawn susceptible to diseases. Also, setting the mower to the proper height will promote deep root growth.

At Sunny Days Landscaping we use top of the line Zero Turn Mowers, with diamond sharpened blades to care for your lawn. Our combination of experience and technical detail to mowing lawns in the New Castle, Sharon, Mercer, Butler and surrounding areas is unmatched by our competitors. Our prices are fair and are work is driven by dedication and pride in what we do. Call or request a quote today and let us make your lawn the best on the block.

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